favourite selcas of:
 ↳ Yang Jiyul

you will be missed, princess. please watch over ladies’ code with eunbi in heaven.

EXID’s Hani through the eras. requested by anon.

-> top 9 pictures of
smiling Hani. requestes by anon.

Definitely! Glad to see someone else with really good taste.~ ^^
✖ Anonymous

oh. thank you sweetie~ :3

Not really a request but what's your favorite look on Jiyul? (Mine is her from the Mr. BangBang video she's adorable in that)
✖ Anonymous

You’re right Mr. BangBang was really cute era of her. In my opinion she looks the best in Be Ambitious mv but she always looks the best. No matter what she’s wearing or if she has makeup on or no.~ :3

moonbyul or solar?
✖ Anonymous

sure. thank you. will be done as soon as possible.

f(smiles) and favourite pictures of sulli and luna :) hope it isn't too much? keke thank you

no it isn’t. i’ll do my best.

pics of favourite member of Crayon Pop
✖ Anonymous

yes sir! c: